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On 08/21/2009 07:19 PM, ikorot earthlink net wrote:

I was thinking about using pango_font_face_list_sizes(), since this function
differentiate between "TrueType" and not "TrueType" font, so that I can use
a list of constant numbers, but I don't know how to pass PangoFontDescription
to this function.


Right now the PangoFontFamily and PangoFontFace instances cannot be acquired
using a font description and can only be enumerated.  Sorry about that.

Does this mean that I can't do it currently using public Pango API?

Well, you can, by enumerating all families, and all faces of those, and comparing the face description with the description (without size of course!) you have. It's just not efficient.

But then is there another possibility, maybe with other library from GTK+?

No other library to help you I'm afraid.


Thank you.


Any help will be really appreciated.

Thank you.

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