Re: Odd Linux behavior

> Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 18:31:27 +0200
> From: Nicolas George <nicolas george normalesup org>
> Subject: Re: Odd Linux behavior
> To: gtk-list gnome org
> Message-ID: <20090820163127 GA14511 phare normalesup org>
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> What do mean, "bg'd", exactly?

Equivalently, starting my app with & on the end of the command line. Running it as anything other than the current foreground program, essentially.

> In the first paragraph, you spoke of expose events. You are not 
> reading your
> pipes in the expose event handler, are you?

No, I have a separate thread for that.

Incidentally, is there a web interface for this mailing list somewhere? I have it on batch mode to avoid cluttering my inbox, but it makes replies a bit difficult. Normally I prefer web forums, but for whatever reason mailing lists seem to be the preferred approach in many open source projects....

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