Re: GTK dialog which should not be draggable (ie; floating)

your_shekhar wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I want my dialog box to be freezed in the initial location where it is
> should not be possible to drag its title bar and place it
> other words it should not be floating...
> I searched a lot, but to no outcome.....any help....? Thanx in advance.

Typically the Window Manager is responsible for allowing windows to be
moved.  I don't think there is an absolute way to prevent windows from
being moved, nor under normal circumstances is this desirable, which is
why X11 has never really allowed this "feature."  Removing the window
decorations makes it harder to move a window, but doesn't actually
prevent it.  I can still alt-click windows to drag them (or win-click).

You could, however, have an event handler that, when the window is
moved, asks the window manager to move your window back to the location
you want to be.  see the GtkWindow class docs for details on this.

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