Re: gmodule for wince

> But this file cause some problems with the functions GetProcAddress and LoadLibrary. The confusions
> results from the call of these functions of the wide char type GetProcAddressW and LoadLibraryW at
> the compile process. But the used strings are not wide char strings.

Are you compiling GLib with -DUNICODE (thus turning on the mapping of
LoadLibrary -> LoadLibraryW)? What made you think that is the correct
thing to do? It is not. No code in the GTK+ stack should be compiled
with -DUNICODE. The code calls the wide character versions of Win32
APIs explicitly in places where it makes sense.

 > But Loadlibrary is available only as wide char function.

Oh. Well then let's just use the wide-character version on normal
Windows, too, even when passing fixed ASCII-only library names like
"kernel32.dll" (obviously changing those string literals to wide
character string literals in the process). No need to introduce ifdefs
for this.


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