RE: can't load pixbufs with GTK+ 2.14 - win32

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> Van: tlillqvist gmail com [mailto:tlillqvist gmail com] Namens Tor Lillqvist
> Does this happen with all tiff and jpeg files? 
As it turns out, it doesn't. Other jpeg files worked OK, I should have tried that first. Anyway, attached is a file that doesn't
work. I'm very curious if it works for you.

> Do you have some
> minimal but complete sample program that exhibits the bug? 
I have made a minimal sample program, but it is in C#. If you want I can make a c program, but from these three lines of C# code you
can probably see how minimal it is:
	string filename = @"d:\testlogo.jpg";
	Pixbuf pixbuf = new Pixbuf(filename);

> Are you sure you haven't mixed up for instance a gdk-pixbuf.loaders 
> file from an older GTK+ build with your fresh installation of GTK+ 2.14.1?

> --tml


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