Re: can't load pixbufs with GTK+ 2.14 - win32

I can reproduce the problem with some JPEG files and not with others.
I tested using the pixbuf-read program in gtk+'s tests folder. Based
on initial testing it seems, incredibly enough, that if the size of
the JPEG file is larger that around 60 KB, then loading fails. Could
some 16-bit limit be haunting us somewhere inside GDI+? What actually
fails is a call to GdipBitmapGetPixel() in io-gdip-utils.c.

I have no idea how to fix this... Unless somebody who knows more about
undocumented gotchas in GDI+ comes up with something, I guess I will
have to revert having the GDI+-based loaders as the default, and go
back to using the "normal" libjpeg and libtiff -using pixbuf loaders.
(For PNG, the libpng-based loader is still used anyway, as you can't
get the PNG tags through the GDI+ API, and the gdk-pixbuf API needs to
get the tags.)


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