Re: Invalid GLib version in gtk+ bundle

Tor Lillqvist wrote:
> It is likely that you have the DLLs from GLib 2.12.11 installed
> somewhere in your PATH, or even the Windows System32 folder (where
> they *never* should be), perhaps without realizing.
> This surely should be self-evident, but the glib_major_version etc
> variables tell the version of the actual GLib DLL the code uses at
> run-time, while the GLIB_MAJOR_VERSION etc macros tell the version of
> GLib headers it was compiled against.
Hmm... I guess so, I have some gtk programs (GraphViz, Dia, GIMP) which bin
path are in PATH. I've seen GLIB_MAJOR_VERSION etc in glibconfig.h (CMIIW)
as a macro and since I can't find glib_major_version etc, I think it's
hardcoded in the library. I'll look for it.
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