Re: [RFC] supporting an alternative layout management algorithm

> Hi. I think that the idea of stacks and flows is a good one, also seen
> in other toolkits, but i think that it wont be incorporated in 2.x
> series of gtk, maybe you would want lo make an upper lib so any
> version of gtk can use it and not only the most new ones.

The other developers said otherwise.

> About scrollable widgets, is not hard to add the wrapable VBox to a
> viewport and set the viewport width proportional to the window width.
> For thoose special widgets with presetted scrollbars it may be better
> to have them in a separate library. or as a public code.

Still this requires changes to GtkViewport.

> Also there are some others widgets that would be good to see, like a
> GtkDockableArea to move toolbars (or side panels) from one to other or
> make toolbars floating easily.

In case this was not clear, this project was not about "what can I do";
I need those features for my own project.


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