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> It applies to any object derived from GInitiallyUnowned.  You need to
> look at the inheritance tree of the object you are creating.

stupid question from me, I didn't realize that. I know that the documentation prints the inheritance tree, I've should
have seen there first.

> It is correct and safe.  Classes implementing the GtkTreeModel
> interface, such as GtkListStore, are pure GObjects which do not derive
> from GInitiallyUnowned.

Ok, that's useful information. I understand now how it should be done correctly.

> The reference I gave you tells you pretty much all you need to know,
> but the following GObject documentation (under "Description") says more
> or less the same:

I've already read this but I wanted something that goes deeper in details. I think I could take also a look at the
source code if I want to know more about that (I'm interested how the reference counting is solved since I need to
implement something similar in one of my own libraries)

Thank you for your help, I'm a now a little bit smarter :)

Best regards

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