Re: GtkBuilder: gtk_widget_show_all: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed

Le Mon 06/10/2008 à 13:52 Tadej Borovšak à écrit:
> Hi
> You need to run "gtk-builder-convert input.xml" to convert
> your glade file to GtkBulder XML file, which can than be loded via
> GtkBuilder interface.
> Tadej


That was part of the solution.
I noticed that even if glade can generate GtkBuilder files, those files
cannot be understood by GtkBuilder. So better to create glade files and
convert them later. But I had to run sed on the output:

	sed -ir 's|<requires-version lib="gtk+" version="2.12"/>||g'

The script i could find on the Internet didn't work.


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