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Néstor wrote:
> I think that God may be good at this job (but He's probably so busy
> that he has forgotten some thousands of the required skills).
> BTW, Spamming for Linux job offers?? Wow, this is new :-D. I would bet
> this has something to do with Ubuntu, but...
> Now, one copy for each sender. Forgive me, and please, do not spam to
> a Mailing list. From my experience: if a job is good, there's no need
> to do this. You know what politicians do: just call a friend, he would
> surely be interested. Not like me. No need to advertise it. Thanks.
> 2008/11/28 Juan Enrique Hinojosa <jhinojosa bridges-hr com>:
>> Hello,
>> I would like to post the below job offer.
>> As a hired recruiter for this job offer, we can provide step by step
>> guidance through out the entire process.
>> If you are interested please send me an email with a copy of your CV.
>> I will quickly reply with a few pertinent questions followed by a phone
>> interview.
>> Open GL Developer
>> 19/11/2008
>> OFFER #
>> 100-151
>> Status
>> Permanent
>> Employment location
>> At Home Based
>> Profile
>> As a member of the Desktop Experience Team, the Software Engineer's role
>> will be to design and
>> develop new innovative elements of the Ubuntu Desktop.
>> The candidate must have strong coding and debugging skills in C/C++, coupled
>> with indepth
>> knowledge of OpenGL and experience with Linux graphical toolkits.
>> This role will work closely with the Design Team, the Ubuntu Platform Team
>> and with the broader external teams
>> of the Gnome and KDE development projects.
>> At home with broadband
>> Key responsibilities and accountabilities
>> Design software for the Ubuntu Desktop
>> Provide clear, technical design specifications
>> Develop applications, graphical user interfaces, or improve existing
>> software modules
>> Participate in design discussions with other community participants
>> Deliver developments according to the project plan and release schedules
>> Design, development and testing of specific feature sets
>> Support and maintain developments
>> Required skills and experience
>> Very strong C/C++ coding skills
>> Extensive experience with OpenGL programming, desktop environment and
>> technologies such as X11,
>> QT or GTK+
>> Experience in developing robust multithreaded
>> applications
>> Extensive experience with open source development tools such as GCC, GNU
>> Make, Autoconf and
>> CMake
>> Ability to be productive in a globally distributed team through
>> selfdiscipline
>> and selfmotivation,
>> delivering according to a schedule
>> Good personal skills in order to develop strong working relationships with
>> team mates, members of
>> upstream projects, and Ubuntu developers
>> Strong English communication skills, especially over phone, email, and IRC
>> Desirable skills and experience
>> Ideally, the candidate would be established in one of these communities,
>> with identifiable work and
>> contributions to one or more projects
>> Additional experience in user experience (UX), user interface (UI) design or
>> video game developments
>> would be a plus
>> Experience with Python or another scripting language for prototyping work
>> Experience of Web development frameworks is a plus
>> Experience with I18N and L10N
>> Experience with test driven development and other agile practices (Launchpad
>> experience a plus)
>> Experience with Ubuntu and Debian packaging tools such as APT, dpkg,
>> debhelper, and CDBS
>> Experience with UI design, paper prototyping
>> Skills in practical usability testing
>> This job involves some international travel.
>> Thank you for your time and attention.
>> Kind regards,
>> JEH
>> --
>> Bridges Ressources Humaines
>> Juan Enrique Hinojosa
>> 360 Notre Dame West, Suite 104
>> Vieux-Montreal, Quebec
>> H2Y 1T9
>> Tel.:(514)842-8454
>> Fax:(514)842-2037
>> Mobile: (514)402-1655
>> jhinojosa bridges-hr com
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