Re: Open GL Developer - Job offer

I think that God may be good at this job (but He's probably so busy
that he has forgotten some thousands of the required skills).

BTW, Spamming for Linux job offers?? Wow, this is new :-D. I would bet
this has something to do with Ubuntu, but...

Now, one copy for each sender. Forgive me, and please, do not spam to
a Mailing list. From my experience: if a job is good, there's no need
to do this. You know what politicians do: just call a friend, he would
surely be interested. Not like me. No need to advertise it. Thanks.

2008/11/28 Juan Enrique Hinojosa <jhinojosa bridges-hr com>:
> Hello,
> I would like to post the below job offer.
> As a hired recruiter for this job offer, we can provide step by step
> guidance through out the entire process.
> If you are interested please send me an email with a copy of your CV.
> I will quickly reply with a few pertinent questions followed by a phone
> interview.
> Open GL Developer
> 19/11/2008
> 100-151
> Status
> Permanent
> Employment location
> At Home Based
> Profile
> As a member of the Desktop Experience Team, the Software Engineer's role
> will be to design and
> develop new innovative elements of the Ubuntu Desktop.
> The candidate must have strong coding and debugging skills in C/C++, coupled
> with indepth
> knowledge of OpenGL and experience with Linux graphical toolkits.
> This role will work closely with the Design Team, the Ubuntu Platform Team
> and with the broader external teams
> of the Gnome and KDE development projects.
> At home with broadband
> Key responsibilities and accountabilities
> Design software for the Ubuntu Desktop
> Provide clear, technical design specifications
> Develop applications, graphical user interfaces, or improve existing
> software modules
> Participate in design discussions with other community participants
> Deliver developments according to the project plan and release schedules
> Design, development and testing of specific feature sets
> Support and maintain developments
> Required skills and experience
> Very strong C/C++ coding skills
> Extensive experience with OpenGL programming, desktop environment and
> technologies such as X11,
> QT or GTK+
> Experience in developing robust multithreaded
> applications
> Extensive experience with open source development tools such as GCC, GNU
> Make, Autoconf and
> CMake
> Ability to be productive in a globally distributed team through
> selfdiscipline
> and selfmotivation,
> delivering according to a schedule
> Good personal skills in order to develop strong working relationships with
> team mates, members of
> upstream projects, and Ubuntu developers
> Strong English communication skills, especially over phone, email, and IRC
> Desirable skills and experience
> Ideally, the candidate would be established in one of these communities,
> with identifiable work and
> contributions to one or more projects
> Additional experience in user experience (UX), user interface (UI) design or
> video game developments
> would be a plus
> Experience with Python or another scripting language for prototyping work
> Experience of Web development frameworks is a plus
> Experience with I18N and L10N
> Experience with test driven development and other agile practices (Launchpad
> experience a plus)
> Experience with Ubuntu and Debian packaging tools such as APT, dpkg,
> debhelper, and CDBS
> Experience with UI design, paper prototyping
> Skills in practical usability testing
> This job involves some international travel.
> Thank you for your time and attention.
> Kind regards,
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