RE: Scrollbars in a GtkTreeView

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> From: Tadej Borovšak 
> Hello,
> just pack GtkTreeView inside GtkScrolledWindow with gtk_container_add
> and your scrolling will work.
> You can also provide your own GtkScrollbars and set their
> GtkAdjustment to the one of the GtkTreeView like this:
> hscroll = gtk_hscrollbar_new( gtk_tree_view_get_hadjustment( swindow )
> ) and vscroll = gtk_vscrollbar_new( gtk_tree_view_get_vadjustment(
> swindow ) )

Putting the treeview inside a GtkScrolledWindow will (presumably) scroll the whole thing up and so the header will be lost from view. What I want is to be able to scroll the bin_window, keeping the tree view's header in view (just like what happens when you press the up/down keys in the tree view).

Put creating scrollbars for the tree view's adjustment may work = I'll try that.


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