Re: Using GLADE for windows

2008/11/17 Harinandan S <harinandans gmail com>:
> Hi All,
> I was using GLADE-2 for sometime now and wanted to look at newer versions of
> GLADE and found GLADE-3. I noticed that code generation has been removed.
> I've noticed even in GLADE-2 that some features such as color of windows,
> color of buttons and other widgets for example cannot be set. So I used to
> edit the code generated by glade2. Since glade3 is not generating code
> anymore how can one change color and do other changes?
> Also in glade 2, gtk_widget_show was not called on top level window created
> and user had to call that. Is this the same in glade3 also?

Yes thats the same, Glade 3 sets all widgets visible True by default unless
they are toplevel windows, which are invisible by default (you can change
this in the editor ofcourse anyway).

You should look into using GtkBuilder, its the way of the future, and
there will be a Glade release soon with full builder support.


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