Re: -> .lib

> I'm trying to build the win32 version of pango so that I can run it with
> debug messages turned out

you mean turned *on*? The pango binaries that are distributed from are compiled with debug messages enables. Just set the
environment variable PANGO_WIN32_DEBUG to some value and lots of
debugging output will be printed to stdout. You probably will want to
cross-check with the source code to find what each output refers to,

> And one other thing. After running configure pango-enum-types.h, which says
> it is generated by glib-mkenums, had comment lines that looked as below. I
> fixed these manually and then it built OK, but any idea why they got like
> this?
>   C:/MinGW/msys/1.0/* enumerations from "pango-attributes.h" *//n

Presumably a MSYS hickup. It thinks the "/*" that is part of a
command-line argument passed to glib-mkenums means the Unix-style file
name (wildcard pattern) /* and turns that into the corresponding
Win32-style file name... I don't know why MSYS does that, though, as
glib-mkenums is a Perl script that runs the MSYS /bin/perl, isn't it,
so MSYS shouldn't do its automatic Unix->Win32 file name conversion.


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