GLib 2.17.0 released

GLib 2.17.0 is now available for download at:

glib-2.17.0.tar.bz2 md5sum: 03da0783697df2db187c76d1534b3d93
glib-2.17.0.tar.gz  md5sum: b86660c1b7fa481f6b21bfba2e3ba2eb

This is the first development release leading up to GLib 2.18.


 * This is unstable development release. While it has had
   a bit of testing, there are certainly plenty of bugs
   remaining to be found. This release should not be used
   in production.

 * Installing this version will overwrite your existing
   copy of GLib 2.16. If you have problems, you'll need
   to reinstall GLib 2.16.

 * GLib 2.18 will be source and binary compatible with
   the GLib 2.16 series; however, the new API additions
   in GLib 2.17.0 are not yet finalized, so there may
   be incompatibilities between this release and the final
   2.18 release. 

 * Bugs should be reported to

About GLib

GLib is the low-level core library that forms the basis for projects
such as GTK+ and GNOME. It provides data structure handling for C,
portability wrappers, and interfaces for such runtime functionality as
an event loop, threads, dynamic loading, and an object system.

More information about GLib is available at:

An installation guide for the GTK+ libraries, including GLib, can
be found at:

Overview of Changes from GLib 2.16.x to GLib 2.17.0

* Update to Unicode 5.1

* Update included libcharset to the one shipped with libiconv 0.12

* Update included PCRE to 7.7

* Enforce that only toplevel headers are directly included.
  This is turned on by default for GObject and GIO. To turn
  it on for GLib, define G_DISABLE_SINGLE_INCLUDES.

* Fix library version of GIO.  GLib 2.16 shipped with

* On Solaris, use FEN for file monitoring in GIO

* Use the GIO_EXTRA_MODULES environment variable to find
  additional GIO modules 

* G_GNUC_ALLOC_SIZE: New macro that wraps the gcc alloc_size
  function attribute

* g_checksum_reset: New function to reset the state of a GChecksum 

* g_unix_mount_monitor_set_rate_limit: New function to limit the 
  rate at which events are reported

* g_file_query_file_type: New utility function to query the type of
  a file

* g_memory_output_stream_get_data_size: New function to obtain the
  size of the written data.

* Bugs fixed:
 522292 Gives warnings in glib/gutils.h with GCC in C99 mode
 523298 win_iconv can't convert from UTF-8 to GB18030 (or vice versa)
 518160 replace two g_strdup_printf calls in GBookmarkFile
 523877 gbookmarkfile: avoid using g_string_append_printf() and
        other optimizations 
 525192 100% CPU if run main loop with no IO sources
 315437 extern inline -> static inline
 524314 g_convert() on Win32 implicitly converts full width
        alphanumerics into half width
 525732 Error in documentation for g_list_first
 525674 A typo in gmarkup.c
 448943 g_timeout_add_seconds() problems
 525972 UCS-4 not in the new win_iconv implementation
 526619 make test-report crash
 491554 Update to Unicode 5.1.0
 519137 g_slice_dup macro needs cast for 64-bit platform
 528752 Win32 build and SSL not working
 530457 G_USER_DIRECTORY_DOWNLOAD folder improperly mapped
 528667 Typos in testing module documentation
 459905 Bug in wcwidth data
 534085 g_unichar_iswide_cjk() has a totally wrong table
 501651 Update glib/libcharset
 519026 G_STMT_START/G_STMT_END test a non-existent preprocessor symbol
 534319 GLib's .pc files could use Libs.private
 534137 Typo in g_spawn_async_with_pipes doc
 517419 gio win32 directory monitor
 526796 Wrong order of arguments in g_file_copy's fallback
 530196 _g_local_file_has_trash_dir() doesn't handle st_dev == 0
 532965 Should not return filesystem::free for certain file systems
 525553 fix typo and nitpicking in GArray documentation
 526572 Missing * in declaration of parent_class in Object
        Destruction section of GObject Reference Manual
 528648 Extra >s in Object Construction section
 535021 g_param_spec_internal documentation should
        describe purpose of nick and blurb
 521513 Firefox crash when using file picker
 528433 gdesktopappinfo snafu ...
 533369 API g_file_info_get_attribute_string () unables to get "...
 521045 glib f_fstypename miscellany
 521672 compile error
 521946 control rate limit on GUnixMountMonitor
 522335 Fails to build: glib/gtester.c:276: error: 'ARG_MAX' unde...
 523015 Implement sliding window based upload operation
 523019 Use new GCC 4 feature
 523338 list nfs4 as a nfs mount type
 524350 Make glib build without NLS again
 524579 g_file_copy reports wrong total on progress callback for ...
 524742 A typo in gtestutils.c.
 524950 Minor documentation typos.
 525866 the user directory should not be considered as a mount to...
 526320 should not list mounts that the user doesn't have permiss...
 527132 nautilus crash when making ftp connection
 532852 CRITICAL **: totem_pl_parser_parse_with_base: assertion `...
 534759 Build failure in gio
 534764 Typo in error produced by g_file_make_directory
 521851 Redudant tests in gunixmounts.c
 524344 glib/gthread.h still use G_GNUC_PRETTY_FUNCTION
 525060 glib fails to build with -DG_DISABLE_ASSERT in CPPFLAGS o...
 534177 Invalid description of the interface g_cclosure_marshal_S...
 520715 Add GFile method g_file_query_file_type
 523039 nautilus can't access to trash/computer/network if gvfs i...
* Updated translations:
 Arabic (ar)
 Bulgarian (bg)
 Catalan (ca) 
 Czech (cs)
 Greek (el)
 Candian English (en_CA)
 British English (en_GB)
 Spanish (es)
 Estonian (et)
 Basque (eu)
 Galician (gl)
 Hebrew (he)
 Hungarian (hu)
 Japanese (ja)
 Lithuanian (lt)
 Norwegian bokmål (nb)
 Dutch (nl)
 Occitan (oc)
 Portugese (pt)
 Russian (ru)
 Slovak (sk)
 Albanian (sq)
 Swedish (sv)
 Turkish (tr)
 Vietnamese (vi)

Thanks to all contributors:
Tor Lillqvist
Alexander Larsson
Michael Natterer
Tim Janik
Sebastian Dröge
Felix Riemann
Emmanuele Bassi
Claudio Saavedra
Hiroyuki Ikezoe
Peter Kjellerstedt
Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis
Rodrigo Moya
Samuel Thibault
Neil Roberts
Lieven van der Heide
John Ehresman
Yukihiro Nakadaira
Salvatore Iovene
Cody Russell
Olivier Crete
Sjoerd Simons
Behdad Esfahbod
Federico Mena Quintero
Mathias Hasselmann
Mukund Sivaraman
Jeffrey Stedfast
Mukund Sivaraman
Hans Breuer
Kjartan Maraas
Ted Percival
Simon Zheng
Benjamin Otte
Vlad Grecescu
Tomas Bzatek
Lin Ma
Joe Marcus Clarke
Jens Granseuer
Josselin Mouette
David Zeuthen
Sebastien Bacher
A. Walton
Rob Bradford
Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen
Christian Kellner
Padraig O'Briain
Michael Meeks
Joe Shaw
Bastien Nocera
Ross Burton
Areg Beketovski

May 27, 2008
Matthias Clasen

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