Re: Setting up GTK+ on Windows using Mingw

On Wed, 2008-05-14 at 14:04 +0200, Richard Boaz wrote:
>> i've said it before (many years ago now) and i'll say it again: providing
>> a product without good documentation that will allow new users to both
>> learn how to use it and get the job done at the same time is a product
>> that has yet to even begin to reach it's true potential.

>for some reason, neither my table saw or router came with such
>instructions. the power tool companies seem to have given up on reaching
>their true potential, i guess. its odd how they just expect users to
>learn how to use their equipment somewhere else.

yes, i suppose i could adopt this policy for my software tool and user
base (seismologists).  but then, they just wouldn't care, they just
wouldn't use it, a useful tool would just be wasted, and i'd just be out
of a job.

i wonder how far ikea would have gotten in the world had they adopted this
policy early on.


p.s. i find it rather difficult to swallow that if you bought a tool that
needed to be assembled and it came without assembly instructions, leaving
you with nothing to use, you wouldn't take it back, annoyed all along the

and to be clear, i am very much referring here to *assembling* the tool
that is GTK+; i find the user manual to be (mostly) superb, it is my good

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