Re: checking for memory leaks in gtk

2008/5/14 Harinandan S <harinandans gmail com>:
>  I observed continuous accumulation of memory while running GTK over
>  DirectFB on MontaVista linux on TI Davinci. I also observed
>  significant memory accumulation while running GTK-win32 on Windows XP.
>  But to my surprise there is no accumulation of memory
>  on GTK-X window running on RHEL 4 on x86.

I'm only speculating, but some resources (server-side images or
pixmaps, for example) are kept by the X server and won't show
significant memuse for your application in "top". With other backends,
like win32 or directfb, you may well see these objects in your own
memory space.

I'd suggest running with valgrind and looking for leaks with that. For
what it's worth, my largish project (250 kloc or so) does not seem to
leak significantly under linux or windows.


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