Re: question on a moving object on the drawing area

El mié, 07-05-2008 a las 19:10 +0800, zengqiang escribió:
> Hi, I have a GUI on which a vehicle should be running along a selected
> trajectory.
> previously, i can realize it easily in linux platform,using Gnome
> Canvas, by using canvas groups.
> one group shows the trajectory, another group for the vechile and
> etc..
> Now how can I realize the same thing in windows using gtk+? as I know,
> canvas is not avaible,
> but can only draw on GtkDrawingArea.
An option is to use another canvas library like goocanvas, I've read in
the goocanvas list that somebody could compile the library on windows.

Felipe Reyes Astorga
Estudiante de Ingeniería Ejec. Informática
Universidad de Santiago de Chile #316380

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