Re: changing the label according to time

It looks to me like you're making gtk calls in *both* threads?

This is bad, and can result in strange behavior. Don't do it. Secondary threads should only make gtk calls via functions called via g_idle_add().

In this case, you may not even need a second thread. Instead of a loop with a sleep in it, consider just using g_timeout_add().

Also, you should not be constantly creating new labels and then hiding them. *Either* gtk_widget_destroy() each one as you're done, or else just keep one label and use gtk_label_set_text().
Hi All ,  
          I am doing a project in it I want to show the lyrics of a song which is playing in the background .I use gtk label to show that lyrics .I use the gtk window to show the lyrics on it .I read a file in which I have that lyrics and the time  at which it come from the start of the play .I  sleep  for that time  I read the next line and display it on the window  with the help of the  label  .I test  that the lyrics are coming in properly  or  not so I put printf and verify that it read that lyrics according to that time .But when I try to show that lyrics in label on the windows It do not change according to time .I mean to say that it changes but not on the windows .I make 2 threads one for playing the music and other for showing that lyrics .If I regularly move the mouse cursor on the window then the lyrics changes accordingly .But if I stay ideal do not move the mouse cursor on it it do not change the lyrics .I think it do not refresh after that sleep time on its own .
I do that like follows
                font_desc = pango_font_description_from_string("sans 15");
                gdk_color_parse("#D5D8D4", &color);

I use a while loop to read it to the end of that file .I think I am able to explain my problem .If there is any option that refresh the windows after that sleep time I think the lyrics changes properly .the lyrics are changing If there is any movement  on the windows other wise it do not change .
So there is some refreshing happens when some movement on the windows .But u can't move the mouse cursor every time .So please tell my there is some way to refresh that windows Programeticaly .
Thanks in advance .

Amit Kumar Bag

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