Re: gtk-2.12.11, adjusting PKG_CONFIG_PATH

On Sunday 06 July 2008, jjlynch wrote:
> Meanwhile,
> rpm -q atk
> atk-1.22.0-23.1
> rpm -q pango
> pango-1.20.1-20.1
> rpm -q cairo
> cairo-1.4.14-32.1
> and just installed glib-2.16.4
> So I meet all of these requirements mentioned.

Not necessarily true, unfortunately. When you are building GTK from source, 
and it declares a required dependency, it needs the "development" version of 
those packages. Some distros don't package enough headers with the "basic" 

> I looked at some other posts 
> with people having a problem with setting PKG_CONFIG_PATH, and tried just
> setting it to wherever glib, atk, cairo and pango are.

Generally that's not where the PKG_CONFIG_PATH should point. If you can't find 
the necessary .pc files anywhere then it suggests you haven't got 
the "development" packages installed (the basic package may be missing it 
since binaries pre-compiled against the libs don't need the .pc file)

That said, you haven't told us which distro you're using (apart from it's 
RPM-based) so I'm guessing somewhat.

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