Re: gtk application taking 6 seconds to load

Sid Kapoor wrote:
> hi michael,
> As described in my previous post, I tried dividing the code into 7
> different parts. But the problem still persists. The problem is not
> exactly the same. Now after gtk_widget_show() of first part, it shows
> a blank dialog within 2 seconds, But the other parts (with all the
> widgets) are loaded after 5-6 seconds only.

As I said before, it looks like you are going to have to change the
architecture of your program to create the GUI in smaller chunks.  For
example, set up all the tabs initially as blank pages.  Then trap the
event for activating the page.  In that callback check to see if the
page has been created yet.  If so, then do nothing as show() will
display all the widgets.  If the page has not yet been created, create
it.   This way you are not creating pages of off-screen widgets right at
program start time.

> This is not what I want. I want to see the fully loaded tabs as soon
> as their gtk_widget_show(create_dialog_somehow()) is called.
> I even tried the following lines to refresh the gtk_main() as soon as
> gtk_widget_show() is called. This is how my main() function looks:

Michael Torrie
Assistant CSR, System Administrator
Chemistry and Biochemistry Department
Brigham Young University
Provo, UT 84602

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