Re: GdkPixbuf loader for Adobe Photoshop images (PSD)

Jan Dudek wrote:
First, is it possible to write incremental loader that does *not* read
the entire input file? This is something that would speed up my loader
a lot. PSD files contain a preview near the begining of the file
followed by a lot of other stuff, like layers, masks and so on. The
loader reads only the preview and the rest is not needed, but often
the rest takes a lot of space. One possible way to stop reading is to
return FALSE from load_increment function, but this is considered as
error indication. Is there any way to work around this behaviour?

I don't see any way with the existing gdk-pixbuf-io.c, but perhaps you could patch it with some sort of "early_done" flag...

And the second question: is there any possiblity that such loader
could become part of GTK+, like loaders for other image formats are?

Sure! Submit it as a patch in bugzilla for review! (Disclaimer: I'm not a maintainer, but I have submitted pixbuf patches...)

- Mike

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