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--- On Wed, 12/10/08, Diego A. Fons <diegofons apexar com> wrote:

> From: Diego A. Fons <diegofons apexar com>
> Subject: Performance
> To: gtkmm-list gnome org, "gtk list" <gtk-list gnome org>, "tonikitoo (Antonio Gomes)" <tonikitoo gmail com>, "Joaquín López" <ingenieria aiddea com>
> Date: Wednesday, December 10, 2008, 4:02 AM
> Hi,
> I've built an application using X/GTK+/GTKmm and
> I'm experiencing performance issues.
> The application is running in an ARM cpu at 200 MHz
> (AT91SAM9261 and AT91SAM9263) with 64 MB de ram. The problem
> is that it takes about 4 seconds in create a panel, I have
> to create 28 panels and the total creation time is
> 4'20" with stripped libraries (!!!) and
> 8'00" with not stripped libraries (impossible).
> My application has one unique window and several layouts
> with different widgets on it (one layout with its widgets is
> what I call 'panel').
> I have my own widgets which inherits from the ones in
> GTKmm. Here is an example of inheritance:
>    GraphicalObject    Gtk::Layout
>                     |               |
>                    V             V
>                GraphicalLayout (my widget)
> Different panels compose a screen, I switch screens hiding
> and showing panels, this transition has a delay too.
> I'm creating every object in the C++ traditional way,
> using the new operator.
> Well, I hope you could understand me, the reason of this
> mail is to ask if anyone has experienced performance
> problems in similar hardware.
> Regards,
> Diego A. Fons.

Probably your CPU is too slow.

I'd suggest to benchmark the 'show' method, i.e. I suspect that your 
problem is not object creation in the OOP sense, but rather time it takes
to render the obejct.


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