Re: how to draw curves

Le lundi 28 mai 2007 �6:12 +0800, dashikugua 126 com a �it :

> My application is using gtk to design the GUI for an
> Arbitrary/Function Generator. So I need to draw lots of curves,
> including sine wave, ramp wave, pulse wave, noise wave......and their
> modulation waves, e.g. the AM, FM, PM, FSK and so on.
> My problem is that I haven't found a good method to draw these waves.
> I have used GDK to draw sine wave on the GtkDrawingArea. But I found
> this method is a little complicated especially when I draw the
> modulation waves. Is there a good way to draw curves ?
> Any help would be appreciated.Thanks

You might have a look at goffice.


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