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--- Norm Reitzel <NormReitzel swbell net> wrote:

> On Fri, 25 May 2007 14:21:00 -0400
> "Bill Cunningham" <billcu2 verizon net> wrote:
> >     I am trying to build the newest gtk+ and the X libraries I am using want 
> > freetype and fontconfig. Fontconfig seems to have disappeared I finally 
> > found a 2.3.2 version and it doesn't want to compile. I used to get around 
> > this by shutting off freetype compilation but that switch seems to be no 
> > longer available. I have Xft installed and I believe that's a freetype 
> > library of sorts. And the latest version doesn't want to compile. I used to 
> > use the switch --with-libiconv=gnu and it would compile. Not anymore. Has 
> > anyone kept up with the changes and knows what's going on?
> Sergei at Apps from Scratch has an excellent list of dependencies you can use.
> However, one thing I will mention is that quite a few of the projects, and the tarballs
> associated with them, have ended up moving from wherever they were in the first place to
>  This is one of the places you should be looking to find files.  Since this is
> a (relatively) new and ongoing event, Google searches tend to not be as helpful as they once
> were, or will be again after things settle down.
> -- Norm Reitzel

Since my AppsFromScratch tool downloads everything from Internet, I hope I've encoded
URLs correctly (just because the toole works :-) ).

And since all the URLs are in one file, one can easily find what the URLs are.


Applications From Scratch:

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