Re: Gnuplot-like library for GTK

On 5/23/07, Bleriot Trece <bleriot13 gmail com> wrote:
I wonder whether anybody knows if a library for GTK providing a
functionality similar to the GNU plot is available. Our company is beginning

I've been using GtkPlot, part of gtkextra:

It only sort-of works, sadly. It's rather buggy, the API is not very
gtk-like and it uses huge amounts of memory. It has it's own slightly
wobbly canvas widget. It ought to be redone on top of goocanvas or
similar. If you use it, expect to have to hack on the sources quite a

There's guppi, which was going to be the official gnome chart component:

But I think this project has died. Gnumeric used to use guppi but
they've abandoned it and now have their own thing. I don't know if the
gumeric charter is available as a separate component (I doubt it).

There was a fork of gnuplot which could work as a library, but again I
think this was abandoned.

Perhaps someone knows of something better?


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