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> Can anyone tell me what is G-Inspector ?.

G-Inspector is a tool that inspect a GTK application internals at run-time.
No special modification to the GTK application is required on inspection.


Similar tools:
  + Qt Object Inspector -
  + editres             -

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> I was searching for any documents regarding it but in vain.
> It will be great if somebody suggest me the link of its reference manual 

Due to my laziness, reference manual is not yet released.

> (or) how to use it ?.

* How to use G-Inspector

  1. prepare G-Inspector

    (a) install binary package
      + [debian]


    (b) build from source
      i. source tarballs
      ii. compile
        % cd /path/to/builddir

        % bzcat glrr-20050529.tar.bz2 | tar xf -
        % bzcat glrr-widgets-20050529.tar.bz2 | tar xf -
        % bzcat ginspector-20050529.tar.bz2 | tar xf -

        % cd glrr-20050529
        % ./configure
        % make

        % cd ../glrr-widgets-20050529
        % PKG_CONFIG_PATH=../glrr-20050529/pkgconfig ./configure
        % make

        % cd ../ginspector-20050529
        % PKG_CONFIG_PATH=../glrr-20050529/pkgconfig:../glrr-widgets-20050529/pkgconfig ./configure
        % make

      iii. (OPTIONAL) install 
        % cd /path/to/builddir

	% su

        # cd glrr-20050529
        # make install

        # cd ../glrr-widgets-20050529
        # make install

        # cd ../ginspector-20050529
        # make install

  2. run application with G-Inspector

    % /path/to/g-inspector GTK-APPLICATION [ARGS-FOR-GTK-APPLICATION ...]


    % /path/to/g-inspector gimp

  3. inspection

    After invoking the GTK application,
    extra window that created by G-Inspector will appear.

    If you want to inspect a widget,
      i.   select menu item - [View]/[Pickup List]
      ii.  select menu item - [View]/[Widget Picker]
      iii. click "Pick" button on Widget Picker window
      iv.  click target widget
      v.   right click at list item on Pickup List window
      vi.  select popup menu item - [View Widget Detail]

    If you want to inspect a GType,
      i.   select menu item - [View]/[GType Tree]
      ii.  right click at tree item on GType Tree window
      iii. select popup menu item - [View GType Detail]

  G-Inspecotr is still developing, silently.
  New version will be released at near future.

AOSASA Shigeru

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