Re: Editable Label Widget

Why not use a GtkEntry and make it look like a GtkLabel?
You could also have a look at GtkCellView.


Hello All,

I have an interest invested in an editable label widget because of an application I am working on. Because of this, I decided to work on the widget myself since the project seems to have been dropped from the list of priorities.

On Bugzilla, there is an implementation that was
written in 2005, but it is not acceptable because it
uses more than the available signal padding slots
from GtkLabel.

It is quite obvious that the way to go is to use the
GtkEditable interface in a new widget called something
like GtkEditableLabel. However, there are two different
approaches that I've come up with.

One way to implement this widget would be to derive it
from GtkLabel. This would allow the widget to inherit
all of the code from GtkLabel, but may cause problems
because of hidden data and the fact that GtkLabel
already handles selections in a different way.

The other option is to do what EelEditableLabel did and just derive from GtkMisc. This would add a little
extra baggage because of reimplementing a few of the
same features. However, I think this may be the better
way to go in terms of API and speed of the widget.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this issue, in one
direction or the other?

Andrew Krause

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