Release of Foundations of GTK Development


My name is Andrew Krause, and I am the author of a new
book about GTK+ entitled "Foundations of GTK+ Development".
I know for many new GTK+ developers, it is difficult to
learn the toolkit because there aren't too many tutorials
available. Therefore, I decided to write this book, which
covers almost every widget available in the release of
2.10. Some of the topics include:

* Basic widgets such as labels, buttons, dialogs, entries, etc.
* A large portion of GLib including files, pipes, and dynamic modules.
* Two chapters dedicated to the GtkTreeView and GtkTextView widgets.
* Menus, toolbars, pop-up menus, Glade, and libglade.
* How to create your own widgets and interfaces.
* Widgets introduced in GTK+ 2.10 such as printing and status icon.

I also setup a web site to accompany the book, which is
found at If anyone picks up the
book, I would love to hear what you think about it!

Andrew Krause

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