Showing color of tooltip window in iceWM environment: PROBLEM

Hi all,

I created tooltip window and used g_signal_connect_swapped() to paint this wndow. For painting purpose i used this method.

gtk_paint_flat_box (pStyle, pTipWnd->window, GTK_STATE_NORMAL, GTK_SHADOW_OUT, NULL, GTK_WIDGET(pTipWnd), "tooltip", 0, 0, cReq.width, cReq.height);

It is working fine in KDE but problem is that when i run my program on iceWm environment, the tootip window showing the grey color and without border.

Then i used only g_singal_connect()  and draw painting on tip window in this way.
gdk_draw_rectangle(pTipWnd->window,  pDC, TRUE, 0, 0, cReq.width, cReq.height);

In iceWm environment it shows only color on full window without any text.

How i can display tooltip window with yellow color and border aswell.

My requirement is to run program on iceWm environment instead of KDE.

Thanx in advance about any query!

Ibrar Ahmed

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