Re: GtkSourceView on Win32

katsanqat writes:
 > With some luck I found a libgtksourceview-1-1.0.dll and its
 > associated libxml2.dll, compiled an example app using the
 > GtkSourceView

Especially for GNOME related libraries, just looking for isolated DLLs
is the wrong approach. Often such a DLL won't work just by itself, but
requires some additional files at run-time. (Plus, they often have
lots of depencencies on other libraries, which again depend on others,
etc. Due to lack of package management on Windows, handing these
dependencies is a manual task, though.)

 > ... but during execution it says libgnomeprint-2-2-0.dll can't be found.

Look for dependencies in the hopefully obvious locations related to
that (up two levels, then browse around).

The latest (only in fact) gtksourceview binary win32 distribution on is 1.7.2 in . I
should build and upload the newest one I guess.


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