libglademm windows dependancies

Sorry if this is the wrong list to ask.. but I will in case someone
knows or is using this.

I have written a project in C++ using libglade to dynamically load my UI
at runtime.  It is working perfectly on my development box (Ubuntu 7.04)
and port box (WinXP, lots of crap on it) but when I deploy to a new PC
it first of all fails that it cannot find the libglademm-2.0-0.dll file,
I can manually extract this from the zipfiles and put in the program
directory and it runs ok.

The next problem then is when I enter some data into an entrybox
(comboentry actually) and hit connect (which pulls the data from it to

I get(on stderr):

(Comma.exe:3848): libglade-WARNING **: could not find a parent that
handles internal children for `entry'

(Comma.exe:3848): libglademm-CRITICAL **: widget `entryPort' not found
in glade file `'

** (Comma.exe:3848): CRITICAL **: Gnome::Glade::Xml::get_widget():
dynamic_cast<> failed.

I have now installed Glade on the target Pc and can open the glade file
fine, I can also see the correctly labeled entry ('entryPort').  I also
re-saved the file in case there was some unix vs idiotdows CR/LF issues.

About to start researching but was hoping to get the leg-up with some
info here :-D



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