Re: GObject: Freeing memory of instance members?

�stein Johansen wrote:
> Wow! A really powerful macro. I actually had to run a 'gcc -E' to
> convince myself. Here's what it does:
> Declare the functions:
> <my_type>_init
> <my_type>_class_init

Hello?! Wait a minute.... The macro (G_DEFINE_TYPE) prototypes the
instance init function to:

static void my_thing_init( MyThing *self);

(line 358 in my gtype.h)

however API reference for GInstanceInitFunc() saysthe arguments should be:
(GTypeInstance *instance, gpointer g_class);

I also get a error when compiling.
error: conflicting types for 'my_thing_init'
error: previous declaration of 'my_thing_init' was here


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