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--- Michael Ekstrand <mekstran scl ameslab gov> wrote:

> On Thu, 2007-05-03 at 12:41 -0700, Sergei Steshenko wrote:
> > I can try, but I'm definitely missing the point, which is:
> > 
> > * 'make' CAN detect that it's GNU libiconv;
> > * 'configure' can NOT detect that it's GNU libiconv
> 'make' does not detect that it is GNU libiconv.  'make' does not detect
> anything.  The file that is being compiled does a little consistency
> check - it makes sure that the type of iconv header it has is consistent
> with the type of iconv that configure said it is supposed to be building
> with.  'configure' does try to detect the type of iconv.  It evidently
> determined that your system had a non-GNU (native) iconv.  But when the
> actual compilation happened, it went "whoops, this isn't supposed to be
> a GNU iconv header.... we have problems."  It looks like your iconv
> library and the iconv header that the compiler finds don't match, most
> likely.  Either that, or there's something else weird with your iconv &
> build setups.
> > So, what is the point in having such a configure script  - 'configure'
> > is supposed to detect such things.
> Things like this are what configure options are for - to guide configure
> along when it doesn't make the right choice.  It is neither practical
> nor, in many cases, possible for configure to provide a 100% guarantee
> that its success will imply a successful 'make'.  It is not intended for
> it to provide such a guarantee.  It merely tries to configure the
> software and sets up the Makefiles - if it couldn't make sense of your
> setup, it may not create appropriate Makefiles.  It can't detect every
> possible contingency.  It did reasonable checks to see which iconv your
> system has, and then that turned out to be inconsistent.
> In this case, it may be practical to add a test.  That's up to the GTK+
> devs.  But in general, asking configure to detect every possible 'make'
> problem is essentially asking it to try to compile the program.  That's
> make's job.  And you only want to run 'make' once.
> - Michael
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In simple and short English - why can't 'configure' have the same check as the one
that causes "But when the actual compilation happened, it went "whoops, this isn't supposed to be
 a GNU iconv header.... we have problems." " ?

And regarding the way 'configure' at all functions - here is the command line using which it is

" :INFO: executing ==> cd /maxtor5/sergei/AppsFromScratchWD/build/glib-2.12.12;
export PATH;
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH; LDFLAGS='-L/maxtor5/sergei/AppsFromScratchWD/install/gettext-0.16.1/lib
-L/maxtor5/sergei/AppsFromScratchWD/install/libiconv-1.11/lib'; export LDFLAGS;
-I/maxtor5/sergei/AppsFromScratchWD/install/libiconv-1.11/include'; export CPPFLAGS; ./configure
--prefix=/maxtor5/sergei/AppsFromScratchWD/install/glib-2.12.12 --with-libiconv=gnu
1>configure.log 2>&1

- please pay attention that paths to libiconv-1.11 are present in the command line.

So, why do I have to also give '--with-libiconv=gnu' on command line to make 'make' work ?

(yes, with '--with-libiconv=gnu' 'make' is OK).


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