Re: how to install the gtkmozembed development library


in order to get gtkmozembed widget available you can install either firefox-dev or mozilla-dev packages (directly from synaptic on debians). In theory, these are going to install all dev stuff needed  for embedding mozilla.

Mozilla has been pushing also XULRunner use ahaed. xulrunner-dev package (from MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH) is the recommended way to go, so.

Mozilla trunk's gtkmozembed library has currently passed by HUGE changes , and seems to be a bit instable for development although things are getting better step by step.


On 4/26/07, Dennis Francis <dennisfrancis in gmail com> wrote:
Can anyone please tell me how can I install gtkmozembed development
library, so that I can use the browser widget in my code.

--Antonio Gomes

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