Re: How to show the same widget in several containers


Gtk+ explicitly disallows child widgets being parented more than once, for good reason.

Make four individual display widgets, and make one pixmap/pixbuf/ whatever to contain the picture. When you make your picture, explicitly draw it to each of your display widgets; there is nothing wrong with displaying the same image more than once...


On Mar 7, 2007, at 4:21 PM, Juan Antonio Alvarez wrote:


I'm building an application where I show some plots using gtk-extra

I'd like to show the same plots on four different viewports, so the
user can scroll to the plots he's interested in, and see them

It really doesn't have to be the same widget, maybe just a pixbuf of
the first, and the copies get updated when the main one does.

Was I clear? Can this be done?

Thanks in advance,

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