Re: Installing gtk+2.10.12 issues.

Hi Sergei,

On Thu, 31 May 2007 15:22:08 -0700 (PDT) you wrote:
> FOSS is also about freedom of speech.
WTF? How is that supposed to be relevant?

> To shut me up develop a better/easier for end user way of building.

No, the best way is for you to stop being such a spammer and restrict yourself to answering the point asked rather than plugging your product at every possible opportunity. You're behaving like one of those wannabee author celebrities who turn up on chat shows ostensibly to be interesting and spend all the time plugging their new book.

The simple fact is, if every single post you contribute says "why not use AppsFromScratch? Look what it can do!" then I would consider anyone choosing to blacklist you as perfectly justified. Is that how a person wishing to contribute to the community wants to come across?

If your product is good, we'll all start using it on the recommendation of others. If it's so bad that you need to push it with all the arrogance and persistence of Microsoft then I'm not even going to take a look.

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