Background color in notebook tabs

Hi all,

A customer of ours has reported the following problem, which I haven't been 
able to reproduce so far. I would appreciate help and pointers as to which 
part of gtk+ or pango I should investigate, I don't know where to start here.

This is on HP-UX, using gtk+ 2.10.12
As can be seen on the attached screenshot, the background of labels in a 
notebook tab (I don't know yet whether this is also true for labels in other 
contexts) is not transparent, and using another color than the standard gray 

As far as I know, GtkLabel do not have backgrounds or windows, so I was 
assuming the problem might be in pango itself, but I am not sure.

The code that inserts the notebook page is the following. That's written in 
Ada, but that's a one-to-one mapping of the C functions, so should be 
familiar enough.

      Frame    : Gtk.Frame.Gtk_Frame;
      Label    : Gtk.Label.Gtk_Label;
      Gtk_New (Frame);
      Gtk_New (Label, Title);
      Append_Page (Win.Notebook, Child => Frame, Tab_Label => Label);

Anybody has any idea on the subject ?

Thanks in advance

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