Re: Set Allignment of GtkComboBox Columns

Haven't tried this particular case myself, but it might be worth investigating using gtk_size_group_* routines.  Perhaps this can be used to force the columns to be equally sized.


On 7/19/07, Andrea Zagli <azagli inwind it> wrote:
Il giorno ven, 06/07/2007 alle 06.05 -0700, ibrar ahmed ha scritto:
> I created combo box with multiple columns, like in first column there
> is pixbuf and string and other columns have only data string. But
> problem is that columns of combobox are not well alligned. If some
> entry have maximum string with pixpuf, columns of combobox are not
> alligned so far.
> I want to be arranged all columns of combobox.

i don't know how you can do it with gtkcombobox, but you can try to use

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