GTK Create Folder permission question


I have noticed that on OpenSUSE 10.1, creating a folder with the 'Create
Folder' button in a GtkFileChooser (mode: save) window creates a
directory with the permissions drwxr-xr--.  This behavior can be
reproduced with:

- Open an image in the GIMP
- Select File: Save As
- Expand the window by toggling the 'Browse for other folders' button
- Click the 'Create Folder' button
- Enter a name for the new folder
- Check the permissions of the directory with 'ls -al' at the command
line, for example.

The preferred permission would be drwxr-xr-x, of course.  Is there a way
to customize the environment so that the application will assign the
preferred permissions?  I don't know if this behavior occurs on more
recent versions of OpenSUSE, but I know that it does not occur on Ubuntu
6.06.  I suspect that it is a bug in that version of GTK (2.8.10-39.22), which was fixed in the Ubuntu 6.06 version (2.8.20-0ubutu1.1), as it does not occur on an
older version of SUSE (9.2 -GTK version 2.4.9-10.1) either.  Unfortunately, upgrading is not an
acceptable solution, as this problem affects a large number of computers.

Hope someone can help,

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