Re: Hosting a Qt widget in a GTK applicaiton.

On Mon, 2007-08-13 at 14:38 -0500, Nicholas Muguira wrote:
> Hi, 
>  My company has a series of older apps that are all written in GTK.
> There is a project that is currently being developed that is using Qt
> 4.2 for all of its GUI development. One of the things that we would
> like to be able to do is take advantage of the new development in the
> older apps without completely rewriting them. We received this
> response from Trolltech:
> “With Qt 4.2 we introduced glib's event loop integration, meaning that
> you can have both eventloops running in the same process. However, we
> did not integrate any container widgets, so you can not mix and mach
> the widgets together. Meaning a top-level widget has to be either a Qt
> widget containing only Qt widgets, or a gtk widget containing only gtk
> widgets.”
> Is there an existing project that has created a Qt container widget
> for a GTK app? If not can someone point me to some documentation that
> would get me started on developing such a container?

i assure you that you if you try this, you will find out why it was not
part of what the Trolltech developers released. this kind of integration
is extremely difficult to achieve. its true that it might take less time
than rewriting your older applications, but then again, it may not.


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