Re: configure_event for eventbox

On 8/15/07, Darren Hart <darren dvhart com> wrote:

On 8/15/07, David Nečas (Yeti) < yeti physics muni cz> wrote:
 Look at Gimp's toolbox
widget which does something similar.

Excellent idea!  I'll do that (wonder why that didn't occur to me...)

Wow! It seems horribly complex, but maybe I'll have to go that route in the end - I think the container widget would consume more code than my application at the moment!  They created new wbox (wrapbox) container widget.  I'd much prefer to just be able to extend the table as I'm doing here.  But the problem I am running into is that if I try and resize() the table and reattach the children in size_allocate() as appropriate, I enter a circular size_allocate() call.  Is there a way I can tell it to not call size_allocate until I'm done populating the table?


Darren Hart

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