configure_event for eventbox

I'm trying to create a widget that lists checkbuttons with labels in a tabular format that will adjust it's layout as the window is resized.  I am currently using a table widget and have a working resize() method. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to capture any kind of a resize event other than size_allocate() which unfortunately caused an endless loop since my resize()ing the table caused another size_allocate() call apparently.

Reading the docs suggest that what I want to use is a configure_event handler and that table is one of those special widgets with no XWindow of it's own, that therefor will not receive configure_events.  I added my table to an eventbox as mentioned in one of the tutorials, but I am not receiving any configure events there either.  I tried adding the button_press_event for a sanity check, and it is working fine.  I expect that the configure event should occur when I resize my main window and the table expands as it's container does (the column spacing increases).  Is this accurate?

Can someone offer some insight as to what I might be doing wrong?  Is my entire approach just not appropriate for gtk?  Is there a better way to capture a "resized" event?  I'm using pygtk, but I think my question is more fundamental so trying here as well as the pygtk list.


Darren Hart

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