Re: (severe) performance issues

Hi David,

> Got any opinions on Trolltech's QT 4.x ? (Cross
> platformness is key for me)
> I've been debating dumping GTK+ altogether and going
> to QT for a ground up rewrite of my app because of
> these performance issues. (which are atrociously bad
> when running certain pixmap themes, I'm seeing
> slowdowns as much as 2-4x additional on top of
> it'scurrent issues).
Yes, QT is in my opinion quite mature and well optimized, but well ...
expensive as hell if you don't do GPL'ed stuff.
Some time ago I did some tests against QT-3.? and it was surprisingly
fast, what I've heard QT-4 is again 20% faster.

I don't know how much Java is suited for your task, but some
benchmarks I did also showed very good UI performance for applications
writting using Java/Swing.
Fox is also very fast, but looks quite old:

> C++ will take some getting used to (slightly different
> concepts, but I think it would be better overall).
Well I don't like both for application development, maybe because my
home-language is java ;)
But to be honest I guess its way better (also for the generated code)
to have OO concepts in the language itself, than to emulate it like
GLib does.

lg Clemens

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