Re: Help me I bought a GTK+ 1.2 book now!!!

I have the book, and it is definitely out-dated. However, you could use it as a good introductory, or when you sit on the can and need something to read. Other than that you will be better off reading the documentation that comes with the library.

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On Fri, Aug 03, 2007 at 08:27:58AM +0530, Madhusudan C.S wrote:
          I am a newcomer to GTK+ world. Inorder to learn GTK+ I bought a
book titles "Sams Teach Yourself GTK+ in 21 days" in a local book stores.
Unfortunately I came to know that the book is based on GTK+ 1.2.6 and not on
GTK+ 2.x which has become the standard for GTK+ development from past 4-5
years. But since I am a beginner I don't have any idea of how GTK 1.2.6 is
different from current 2.x. I don't even know whether I have to read from
that book or not.

I don't know this book.   Generally, overall concepts, such
as how widgets are packed into boxes or that you connect
callbacks to signals in order to react to changes, have not
changed, but many widgets (selectors; list, tree and text
views; combo boxes, ...) were superseded by more modern

Also the switch from GtkType to GType and generally moving
core functionality from Gtk+ to GLib in 2.x caused lots of
name and preferred style changes.

You can probably use the book, but always look at the
current API reference whether the thing described is not
deprecated -- and if it is, you will find a pointer to its
replacement there.  Also consult the on-line Gtk+ 2.0
tutorial (which is unfortunately already a bit oudated too).

         So can someone explain me how GTK+ 1.2 is different from 2.x and
how its different from beginners point of view.

I suppose you are aware of

Also can I learn from that
book initially atleast so that I will not have any problems when I actually
start coding i.e while compiling.

Gtk+ 1.2 code would mostly work in 2.x, but it would be
a bad code you don't want to [learn to] write nowadays.


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