Help me I bought a GTK+ 1.2 book now!!!

Hi all,
          I am a newcomer to GTK+ world. Inorder to learn GTK+ I bought a book titles "Sams Teach Yourself GTK+ in 21 days" in a local book stores. Unfortunately I came to know that the book is based on GTK+ 1.2.6 and not on GTK+ 2.x which has become the standard for GTK+ development from past 4-5 years. But since I am a beginner I don't have any idea of how GTK 1.2.6 is different from current 2.x. I don't even know whether I have to read from that book or not.
         So can someone explain me how GTK+ 1.2 is different from 2.x and how its different from beginners point of view. Also can I learn from that book initially atleast so that I will not have any problems when I actually start coding i.e while compiling.

- With Regards

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