New GTK widget

On the GIMP mailing list ( I'm proposing a new interface element:

here's the mock-up

and here's the idea of 1 Dimension Menus explained:

can this be implemented using GTK?

The response was that it has to be supported by GTK, adding a new widget:

2007/8/2, Sven Neumann < sven gimp org>:

On Thu, 2007-08-02 at 12:34 -0600, Esteban Barahona wrote:

> In the first image the transparency shows what is hided, not how it
> will be displayed.

Still this kind of user interface would need support from the toolkit. I
don't think it can be written on top of what is available in GTK+ now.

> In the second there is transparency, but the idea is to have more
> space when selecting an item. Can a hide-unhide vertical menu be
> implemented for the tools using GTK?

Pretty much anything can be done. Someone just needs to write the code
for it. The user interface you are suggesting is interesting and it
might be a good idea to explore these ideas further, to code a prototype
and to aim for inclusion in GTK+. If GTK+ provided this functionality, I
am sure a lot of apps would start using it. GIMP is usually among the
first applications to adopt new widgets. So there's a good chance that
this would happen here as well.


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