Re: Install GTK on windows using no official installers

Beware that doing so (incorporating a "private" GTK+
release intro your installer) will mostly likely BREAK
or screw up ANY OTHER GTK+ apps on the box..

I have this problem with my software (MegaTunix).  I
recommend my users to use the GTK+
runtime as it has GTK+, glade, and gtkglext, all in a
simple 5 click installer.  

Users report that if they had gaim installed,  this
breaks things horribly.  They can't run my SW with
gaim's GTK+ as it is missing gtkglext, and cairo
dll.s, and instlaling the runtime
doesn't resolve it as gaim's "privatized" gtk+ screws
up the rest of the system except for itself.

So adding in your own privatized version is likely to
affect other applications.

The best "all in one" runtime I have found for me is
the as it keeps it's DLL's OUT of
the window's dir (everything goes into C:\GTK)

It also includes bits that other GTK+ libs DO NOT
have,  like gtkglext (openGL extension),
glade/libglade, libxml2, cairo, etc.

--- Tor Lillqvist <tml iki fi> wrote:

> Bleriot Trece writes:
>  > is it possible to copy a set of GTK files (DLLs
> or whatever) and,
>  > in this way, make GTK available WITHOUT using an
> official GTK
>  > installer?
> Of course. And anyway, the degree of officialness of
> the various GTK
> installers out there isn't that clear.
>  > what files should be copied, what environment
> variables
>  > modified... and so on?
> I could try to list them, but you learn best by
> doing, so I will tell you
> how to do that:
> Start by fetching from
> the latest run-time zipfiles (not the *-dev-* ones)
> for gtk+, pango,
> atk, glib. From the depencensies subfolder get the
> latest cairo,
> gettext, and libiconv run-time zipfiles. If you know
> that your app
> will need the libpng pixbuf loader at run-time, also
> get libpng and
> zlib.
> Unzip all the above in some new empty folder. Add
> the "bin" folder of
> that to your PATH environment variable.
> Then start removing stuff you think your app and
> your customers won't
> need. For instance, if you don't have any need for
> localised strings from
> gtk+ etc, you can remove everything from lib/locale
> . If you want localised
> strings, but not for some "exotic" languages, remove
> the corresponding
> subfolders from lib/locale.
> If you don't need pixbuf loaders for "exotic" image
> formats, remove
> those dlls from lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/loaders .
> If you don't need gtk+ input modules, drop
> lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/immodules
> . Also, then edit etc/gtk-2.0/gtk.immodules.
> If you want the MS-Windows theme to be the default,
> create a file
> etc/gtk-2.0/gtkrc with the line gtk-theme-name =
> "MS-Windows" . Otherwise,
> if you don't want the end-users to be able to change
> theme engine, drop
> lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/engines and
> share/themes/MS-Windows .
> If you don't need the Freetype2 Pango backend (and
> you presumably
> won't), remove bin/linpangoft2-1.0-0.dll.
> Hmm, that should be about it. If I forgot something
> obvious that can
> also be dropped, please follow-up...
> Then you add what's left to your application's
> installer. 
> Don't change the folder substructure. Keep the DLLs
> in the "bin"
> subfolder for instance.
> It's easiest to put your application's exe file in
> the same "bin" folder
> and have your Start Menu etc shortcuts point to
> that. Otherwise you will
> have to make sure that the "bin" folder is included
> in PATH when the
> end-user runs your app, either by having your
> installer modifying the
> environment variable, using the App Paths Registry
> method, using a tiny
> wrapper executable that modifies PATH, or something
> else.
> The recommended way (at least if I am doing the
> recommentation) is indeed
> to install a copy of GTK+ with each application (or
> set of applications
> originating from the same maintainer / packager)
> that uses it. This is
> unlike Linux, I know. But attempts to use a shared
> GTK+ installation on
> Windows between applications developed and
> distributed by unrelated parties
> have not really been successful.
> --tml
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