ColorPicker problem (win32 version)

I've encountered a problem that I think might be a bug in the colour picker widget, but I thought I'd run it through the list before adding an entry to Bugzilla. (But I've searched for bugs, and found nothing.)

Simply put, the problem may be reproduced as follows:
1. Open a ColorPickerDialog
2. Type "#0026FF" into the "Color name" field, then press Enter.
3. Click the "eyedropper" button.
4. Point at the current colour display field inside the dialog, then click (so as to select the colour.)

Expected result:
Nothing changes - as I've just selected what was already the current colour.

Actual result:
The colour does change. The "name" value changes to "#0024FF", and the Red Green and Blue values are updated accordingly. I can't see any change in Hue, Saturation and Value, though (perhaps that's the problem?)

All this on Win32, using precompiled binaries ( from

So do you think this is a Gtk bug? Or is it something I did in my application? Or some weird Windows display issue, or something? Has anyone else seen this, anyway?

- Toralf

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